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Oshawa Chiropractor Passionate for Health

“Chiropractic Wasn’t A Path I Was On!”

Dr. Roger Karam

Dr. Roger Karam welcomes you!

As a teenager I wanted to be a commercial pilot, but with one thing leading to another, and distractions popping along the way, life had different plans. Until one chiropractic adjustment changed everything.

It sounds grandiose and exaggerated, but when you suffer from debilitating headaches for years and are relieved of them after one adjustment, it qualifies as a life altering moment. You can read more about that under Meet Dr. Karam.

My passion is people and their well being. I truly believe everyone has a story to tell, plain and simple. Nothing gets my energy elevated and my passion turned on as much as engaging with individuals and making a connection. My practice members are my passion, and it’s a wonderful exploration with each one of them.

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Our Primary Goal at Karam Chiropractic Clinic

My primary and most important goal that I set for each one of my patients is to listen to their story, and to how it relates to the condition they bring with them into our office. Without knowing the person behind the symptoms, my job will always be half successful. I like to think that I help empower them to reach a new goal in their journey of improved health through chiropractic. The line between how we feel and how we think we feel, is a very blurred one, and I try to instill that in my patients and practice members.

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